Member Pass

Member Pass

With this pass, you actively support the Aegean Film Festival and you are joining us in our mission to promote culture, independent voices and new ideas. For this reason your names will be posted on our website and printed on the official catalogue of the next edition as a “Patron of the Arts”. (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)

The Member Pass grants unlimited access to any screening of your choice. As a Member of the Aegean Film Festival you will have 2 reserved seats at all screenings.

Members are considered hosts, at the Opening and Closing ceremonies, the Cocktail Gala & Industry screenings, at the exclusive dinners with the filmmakers and the boat excursions to the surrounding islands.

Members also receive a complimentary festival catalogue, tote bag and access to discounts from our affiliated businesses.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that Member Passes are valid for one year, for two people and are transferable. In this way you can invite your plus one, gift some film screenings to friends or family and attend any screening or event even at the last minute!